Call for Papers Conference 2022

2022 Event at the Castle of Goodhope, Cape Town

The Conference is a celebration of the convenience of electricity and investigates new ways to “do more with the energy you use” in the age approaching the 4IR. The productive use of a strategic resource by an ever expanding base of consumers in both the Industrial and business sector means that Developing Nations must grow in innovation and resilience amidst challenges facing the Energy Sector.

The Conference Theme is : ENERGY AND INDUSTRY 4.0
Industry 4.0 as a mix of advanced technologies, which use the internet and digital systems, widely to support certain key technologies. Many of these technologies and applications are now impacting on human processes including energy production and use. Several advantages of the industrial revolution 4.0 can be identified such as ; increasing economic efficiency, increasing labour productivity, flexibility and intelligence, reducing manufacturing costs, and increasing returns on investments. How these impact energy use and human applications of energy intensive industries, transportation and living conditions are all part of the human environment or habitat.

The Energy sector need to put technology and innovation to the task of helping our nation and by extension , the world, to get us there. This conference is hoping to bring together collaboration, networking and sharing of research amongst some of the brightest minds on the continent.

Make this conference work for you and submit a paper.


50 presenting authors

will be able to present face to face at the venue

The EHH (Energy and Human Habitat) 2022 call upon research in:
Energy and Society

  • Distributed energy resources
  • Internet of Things in the energy sector
  • Digital Twin Technology
  • Smart Energy as a Part of Smart City
  • Blockchain and smart contracts in energy
  • Smart Grids
  • Microgrids and Minigrids
  • EV and Electric Transportation
  • Energy Policy
  • Energy Economics
  • Energy Development
  • IET-on-Campus Track
  • Agri-voltaics
  • Nanotechnology integrated renewable energy systems
  • Optimization and control in energy management
  • Energy storage systems (Electrical , Mechanical and Thermal)
  • Renewable Energy Law
  • Waste to Energy systems performance and techno-economic analysis
  • Sustainable and renewable energy software development
  • Renewable energy resource assessments
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Call for Papers Important Info

Submission of Abstracts (200 – 220 words) and Full Paper

Full paper Submission Final call deadline

  • Submission of papers in accordance with AIUE Conference guidelines.
  • Submission of full manuscript prepared in accordance with guidelines.
  • Submission before the deadline will allow for papers to be corrected in accordance with recommendations by referees rather than non-acceptance.

Publication ready final version of paper submission.

Video presentation Upload (9 minutes)

Conference Event

Each paper is reviewed by 3 referees

  • You should have a Video in mp4 of your Power Point presentation uploaded before the conference day.
  • Your paper will only be included in the proceedings if presented by an author or co-author.

The refereeing process of the AIUE Conferences are designed to meet the requirements specified by the Department of Higher education and Training for refereed Conference Proceedings. The programme will contain the required information in the front pages to support academic authors to submit their papers to DHET for publication incentive subsidies.

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