Call for Papers 2019

The conference is a celebration of the convenience of electricity and investigates new ways to “do more with the energy you use” in the age approaching the 4IR. The productive use of a strategic resource by an ever expanding base of consumers in both the Industrial and business sector means that South Africa must grow in innovation and resilience amidst challenges facing the Energy Sector.

Energy Solutions for the Cities of the 4th Industrial Revolution

In line with World Bank initiative for universal access to energy and sustainable energy for all, various solutions are being implemented and monitored for their efficiency.

Among the solutions for increasing universal access to electricity are off grid electrification such as solar, diesel and hybrid systems. The humble home, from Cape to Cairo, from Beijing to Fez or London to Calcutta, remain the focus of energy use that is critical to most people.

With the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) increasingly impinging on the Energy Sector, the manner in which Industry and Commerce could operate might be different. Communities and Commerce will be ‘hyper-connected’. Increasing use of Internet of Things (IoT), big data, robotics, mobile devices and artificial intelligence will be relied upon.

This already influenced and changes the way Commerce and Industry relates to the Electricity grids.

This conference call upon research in

  • Energy access – City and Agriculture
  • Energy affordability
  • Energy and Economy
  • Energy Management
  • Mini-grids and nano-grids in Industry and Commerce
  • E-mobility, Storage System development
  • Smart metering and AMI
  • Energy efficiency, air conditioning and heat pumps
  • Green Buildings
  • Renewable and Alternative Energy
  • Ambient Intelligence and IoT in Energy
  • Smart Grids
  • Power Electronic and Inverter Advances
  • Energy modelling and Grid simulation

Call for Papers Important Info

Submission of abstracts (200 – 220 words)

Full paper Submission

  • Submission of papers in accordance with AIUE Conference guidelines.
  • Submission of full manuscript prepared in accordance with guidelines.
  • Submission before the deadline will allow for papers to be corrected in accordance with recommendations by referees rather than non-acceptance.

Publication ready final version of paper submission.

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Notification of Abstract acceptance

Each paper is reviewed by 3 referees

  • You should have a Powerpoint presentation of your paper ready when you arrive at the conference
  • Your paper will only be included in the proceedings if presented by an author or co-author and all fees have been paid upfront.

The refereeing process of the AIUE Conferences are designed to meet the requirements specified by the Department of Higher education and Training for refereed Conference Proceedings. The programme will contain the required information in the front pages to support academic authors to submit their papers to DHET for publication incentive subsidies.

Organising and Review Board

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