Day 2 – Session C 2019

Tuesday 26th November: Parallel Session C

Opening Keynote Address to All Sessions By

Prof Hal Walker
09h30 – 10h00

09h00 am
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09h30 am
Opening Keynote Address: NASA Apollo 11 Moon Landing 50th Anniversary And Laser Fusion Energy Experiments
Prof Hal Walker
10h00 am
The thermal analysis of semi-open heat pump drying system: An experimental investigation
Solomzi Marco Ngalonkulu and Zhongjie Huan Tshwane University of Technology
10h20 am
Wireless Train Traffic Control
Werner van Ellewee, Cape Peninsula University of Technology
10h40 am
Impact of Distributed Generation on the Electric Protection System
Rufaro M Mutambudzi, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Bellville
11h00 am
PV-RO Designer of a PV System-Powered Desalination Plant -Case Study
Ali Almaktoof, Cape Pennisula University of Technology, Bellville
11h20 am
Practical low-cost method to sustain mine compressed air savings
Jean-Louis Taljaard, North West University
11h40 am
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12h00 am
A Practical Method for Compressed Air Leak Localisation in Deep-Level Mines
Louis N Zietsman, CRCED Pretoria, Pretoria
12h20 pm
An appraisal of an artificial neural network model to predict improvement of generating capacity of a coal thermal power plant
Stephen Tangwe
12h40 pm
TRNSYS Validation on a 1.5 axis Concentrated solar Photovoltaic System
Nambua Nteka, Cape Pennisula University of Technology, Bellville
13h00 pm
Basic Comparison of Three Sub-Saharan Renewable Energy Sectors Utilising the Triple Helix Model
Sven Pietrangeli, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Bellville
13h20 pm
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Main Area
14h20 pm
Opportunities for Energy and Demand Reduction in Hotels through an Energy Auditing Approach: Case of Chinhoyi University of Technology Hotel Willard
Ibrahim Mazimbo, lighmart engineering
14h40 pm
Experimental assessment of the potential demand and energy reduction by retrofitting a boiler with a commercial air source heat pump at a students' residence on University campus
Stephen Tangwe, Central University of Technology, Bloemfontein
15h00 pm
Optimal Path for an Energy-efficient Natural Gas Transmission Mainline: A case study of Escravos Southern Nigeria
Elisha Markus, Central University of Technology
15h20 pm
Lessons learnt from the planning phase of battery storage integration at a utility scale level in South Africa
Kurt Dedekind
15h40 pm
Strategies for Improving Utility Sustainability
Karel Steyn