To be in the forefront in advancement in energy technology and research.


  • A platform for energy ideas
  • Socioeconomic empowerment of the immediate environment
  • International collaboration
  • Industrial partnership


The conference offers a forum for professionals, manufacturers, distributors and installers to discuss and develop the latest developments of the effective use of all forms of energy. The emphasis is on improving energy efficiency, and implementing demand side management.

The conference will therefore focus on load management, and it will provide cutting-edge “real world” solutions to do more with less energy, by reducing energy losses and related costs. Technologies to improve overall performance in industrial plants, business, institutional and government facilities will also be addressed. Participants will be informed of the latest regulatory and market trends and get first-hand reports on successful projects.

Delegates will explore the complete spectrum of resources now offered by energy service providers to help reduce energy costs, analyse energy data and develop demand side management.