Conference 2019

ICUE focuses on promoting sustainable development particularly in Southern African countries, through the effective use of energy. Developing as well as developed countries jointly face many challenges of a global nature. Technical, economic, social and environmental issues will find a place in the envisaged plenary and theme sessions. Managing the rising cost of energy in all sectors has become an important issue. It is therefore necessary to address effective energy production and management in commerce and industry in order to reduce operational costs. For this to happen, the countries’ skills training programmes have to be revisited. Energy efficiency and the implementation of effective energy saving measures and strategies remain very important. Delegates will share practical experiences from the floor after presentations by experts in the field. The outcome will be innovative solutions, ensuring the wise use of energy, and a sustainable energy future. Each ICUE conference has a workshop where experts from industry are invited to address a specific topic and delegates are invited to discuss challenges and solutions which lead to recommendations and items which need to be researched by academics.

The aim of the conference is to:

  • Have prominent keynote speakers addressing industrial developments and opportunities.
  • Promote sound energy management through workshops, which  will include case studies emphasizing best practice, international and local energy standards, involvement of original manufacturers and plant designers, etc.
  • Encourage universities and research councils to be more involved in energy research and marketing of Eskom’s Education Support Programme .
  • Discuss relevant topics during workshops with practical industrial themes to attract members of the Contractors’ Association.;  facility managers;  energy managers of hospitals, hotels;  etc in order to make decision makers and managers more energy conscious.
  • Target groups, such as the Energy Intensive Users Group, mining sector; developers, insurance companies; manufacturers, commerce SASOL;  PetroSA;  etc.

Attract academics and researchers to look at energy issues and to involve funding agencies and grant-holders in energy-related research and projects at universities, and other institutions