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Monday 23rd November 2020: 9:30AM - 3:00PM
09h30 - 09h45 am
Opening by Conference Convenor
Prof MTE Kahn

09h45 - 10h00 am
Welcome by Conference Chair
Dr Saleh Khamlich (NESDAF)

10h00 - 10h30 am
Keynote Address
Prof Malik Maza
Track One:
10h30 - 10h40 am
Development of a multi-stage configuration for electricity generation using thermo-acoustic approach
M. Ngcukayitobi, S. Spambo, H. Shamase, L.K. Tartibu, S.L. Gqibani

10h40 - 10h50 am
Performance assessment and optimization of a micro-hydropower plant: case of Kigwena in Burundi
E. Manirambona, P. Hendrick, T. Mushiri

10h50 - 11h00 am
An analysis on the increment of coefficient of performance of an on-farm direct expansion bulk milk cooler (DXBMC) through the use of a raw milk pre-cooler
R. Mhundwa , M. Simon.

11h00 - 11h10 am
Harmonic power direction method for Smart Grids
R. Sinvula, K. M. Abo-Al-Ez, M.T. Kahn

11h15-11h30 am
Questions and Answers
Live Session
Track Two
11h30 - 11h40 am
Application of modelling and statistical inferences to compare performance of hot water heating devices in the residence of university campus 1
S. Tangwe, K. Kusakana

11h40 - 11h50 am
Energy Consumption in a Data Control Center of a Cloud-based Cyber-Physical System
E.F. Orumwense* , K. Abo-Al-Ez

11h50 - 12h00 am
Contingency analysis for improved power system stability of the Nigerian 330 kv, 48-bus system using series FACTS controllers
I E. Nkan , E.E. Okpo , U.B. Akuru U B , O.I. Okoro

12h00 - 12h10 am
A Comprehensive Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) Modelling
N. P. Bayendang, M.T.E. Kahn, V. Balyan, I. Draganov and S. Pasupathi

12h15 - 12h30 am
Questions and Answers
Live Session
12h30-13h00 am
Keynote Address #2
Dr Khadija ElKamouny
Track 3
13h00 - 13h10 am
Comparison of Thermal, Flywheel and Supercapacitor Energy Storage for an African Microgrid
T. Hendricks, M. Adonis

13h10 - 13h20 am
Nanogrid based energy trading system for a rural off-grid community in Africa
M. Giraneza, K. Abo-al-ez, M.T.E. Kahn

13h20 - 13h30 am
PQ open-loop control of a grid-tied inverter interfacing a large-scale fuel cell stack
Khlid AM Ben Hamad, Doudou N Luta

13h30 - 13h40 am
An analysis of solar P.V. access to alleviate energy poverty in Benin
N Jacobs, M Adonis

13h45 - 14h00 am
Questions and Answers
Live Session - (Track chair and participants on Zoom Linkup)
Track Four
14h00 - 14h10 am
Influence of electric loading and rotor speed on the performance of permanent magnet machines
O.I. Okoro, C. C. Awah, E. Chikuni

14h10 - 14h20 am
Permanent magnet machines with two stators: A comparative analysis
Chuwuemeka Chijioke AWAH*, Ogbonnaya Inya OKORO

14h20 - 14h30 am
Energy efficiency and energy management in South Africa - standards, barriers and policies
C N Bipongo and M. Adonis

14h30 - 14h40 am
The comparison of regression models and artificial neural networks in predicting power generation in a thermal coal power plant
S. Tangwe* , K. Kusakana

14h45 - 15h00 am
Questions and Answer
Live Session: (Track chair and participants on Zoom Linkup)

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Tuesday 24th November 2020: 9:45AM - 13:15PM
09h45 - 10h00 am
Initiation by Conference Chair
Dr Saleh Khamlich (NESDAF)
10h00 - 10h30 am
Keynote Address
Dr Kettessa Roro
10h30-11h00 am
Keynote Address #2
Dr Saif ur Rehman
Track One:
11h00 - 11h10 am
Thermal load and energy evaluation of an on-farm direct expansion bulk milk cooler (DXBMC) under twice a day milk cooling cycle
R. Mhundwa* , M. Simon

11h10 - 11h20 am
Towards the electrification of informal settlements through a mix of solar energy and human excreta
J. Kamanzi

11h20 - 11h30 am
Photo-thermal conversion efficiency of spectrally selective Cr2O3/Cr/Cr2O3 multilayered solar absorber
S.Khamlich*, F. Ismail , M.W. Schouw, O. Nemraoui

11h30 - 11h40 am
Exploring the feasibility of solar inverters for wastewater pumping using mathematical modelling at Wood Drive sewage pump station
J. G Pillay

11h45-12h00 am
Questions and Answers
Live Session
Track Two
12h00 - 12h10 am
Design for a Standalone Wind- Hydrogen Plant A novel in Tripoli - Libya
A. Ehsan, A. Fatih, J. Adel, D. Shaima, H.Eheda, A. Bdereddin, A. Mohamed G Moh, A. Almaktoof

12h10 - 12h20 am
The Role of Cloud Computing in Energy Cyber-Physical Systems
E.F.Orumwense* , K. Abo-Al-Ez

12h20 - 12h30 am
Modern assessment of nuclear energy safety systems and waste disposal management
G.D. Joubert, A.K Raji

12h30 - 12h40 am
Simulation of a hybrid PV system and micro-hydropower using Matlab/Simulink
M. Melamu* , E Orumwense , K. Aboalez

12h40 - 12h50 am
Energy monitoring for potential cost saving in electricity bills in a microbrewery in South Africa
J. E. Conduah* , K. Kusakana, P.A Hohne.

13h00 - 13h15 am
Questions and Answers
Live Session