Dr Kittessa Roro

Dr Kittessa Roro

Dr Kittessa is a Physicist with over 12 years of experience in Renewable Energy Research, Development and Innovation. Kittessa received his PhD (2009) from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and subsequently spent several years working as a post-doctoral researcher first for the University of Pretoria and then later in the CSIR National Laser Centre.

He is presently Principal Researcher & Research Group Leader for Energy Supply & Demand (ESD) Research Group (RG) within the Energy Centre at the Smart Places Cluster of the CSIR. The ESD RG underpins the Energy Centre work in solar, wind, renewable energy production/supply forecasting, energy efficiency / demand response, and thermal energy optimisation inclusive of thermal energy efficiency, recovery and storage. The techno-economic viability of emerging and existing approaches to energy supply and end-use efficiency are independently assessed to provide impartial advocacy to industry and consumers.

He is involved in a number of initiatives of the Energy Centre, including the establishment of an Outdoor PV testing facility, defining the research agenda of the solar research, support to the South African government on solar energy research, development and innovation roadmap development as well as supporting the growing PV industry in South Africa. He has authored about 30 research papers, delivered presentations in various local and international conferences, runs several international collaborations, and is presently supervisor of 5 post graduate students.

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EHH (Energy and Human Habitat) 2021

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