Prof. Hildreth (Hal) Walker

Prof. Hildreth (Hal) Walker
Laser Telemetry and Targeting Systems

Professor, Hildreth (Hal) Walker, Jr. will describe the manufacturing, testing and operation of the KORAD K-1500 1.2 Giga/Watt Pulsed Ruby Laser Ranging System utilized during the Apollo 11, 1969 Moon landings. “This was the first ever experiment using a hand-placed extraterrestrial instrument in the history of the World.” This historic interplanetary Lunar Laser Ranging experiment was accomplished at Lick Observatory utilizing its 304.8 CM telescope to transmit and receive photons from the Retroreflector placed on the Moon by Apollo Astronauts. In 1964 at KORAD he served as a laser systems specialist traveling throughout the United States and the world introducing advanced new laser technologies to the fields of scientific research and industrial applications. In 1959 Walker served as a technical member of the RCA Corporation’s BMEWS (Ballistic Missile Early Warning System) situated in the Alaskan frontiers to detect Soviet Missile nuclear attacks. In 1974 Hal joined the Hughes Aircraft Company where he participated in developing and placing the first Tactical Laser Target Designator System into the U.S. Army inventory. He also served as president and CEO of TECH PLUS an International Electro-Optics Technology consultant group. He will explore programs such as the U.S. National Ignition Facility (NIF) Laser Induced Plasma Fusion Research conducted at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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